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About The Products

Insulation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Some materials are better at filling in gaps than others, and here at ATX Thermal Solutions, it’s our job to help you determine which is best for you. Whatever material you need to solve your insulation problems, we have it in stock.

About ATX Thermal Solutions Products

With Icynene insulation, you’re getting a foam material that conforms to the unique size and shape of whichever area it’s inserted into. When you use traditional insulation materials like fiberglass batts, you’re limited by the dimensions of the material itself. But with Icynene, that restriction no longer applies.

As a material, Icynene offers a unique blend of benefits:

  • It’s a terrific energy-saver (up to 40% in heating and cooling costs!).
  • It’s verified as an air-barrier material (meaning it seals in addition to serving as a great insulator).
  • It contains Low-Emitting Materials.

Spray Foam Insulation Varieties

Even within this specific type of insulation, you aren’t just limited to one type of spray foam insulation. Some are more suited for certain situations. Other varieties of spray foam insulation just won’t work as well.

Whichever one you’re in the market for, ATX Thermal Solutions is here to help you make the most educated choice that works best.

  • Open-Cell Foam: This type is more suited for situations where you don’t need an airtight seal. It does a good job of muffling sound while still performing better than fiberglass or cellulose, but it’s a bit more porous. This enables you to detect leaks whenever they happen.
  • Closed-Cell Foam: a fantastic sealant. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is so rigid that it’s been classified as a flood-resistant material by FEMA, so it’s extremely effective as a water barrier as well.

Here at ATX Thermal Solutions, we’re proud to offer a range of different products led by our Icynene offerings. But that isn’t all! Our insulation expertise goes beyond Icynene – just give us a call!

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