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Benefits of Icynene

Healthier – Superior Indoor Air, Low Environmental Impact

The time spent indoors should help to maintain occupant health and well-being. When you use Icynene as your insulation material of choice, you’ll help improve your quality of life in three main ways:

  • Icynene doesn’t emit any harmful gases once cured, and it’s 100% water blown. Icynene stays efficient over time, meaning you won’t have to deal with pricey replacements for a while. When you use Icynene insulation, you’re contributing to the long-term health of the environment because you’re less likely to need additional insulation installed in the future.
  • Icynene helps buildings meet the U.S. Green Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) specifications by creating one unbroken air barrier when installed.
  • Since Icynene combines insulation and a single air barrier, it helps reduce air leakage as much as possible. In fact, museums, libraries, and art galleries use Icynene because it’s so excellent at preventing moisture, mildew, and air leakage.

Quieter – Minimizing Noise Pollution with Icynene

Icynene is great at stifling unwanted noises. It’s great for areas where you must have silence, because it’s extremely effective at blocking out sounds and filling cracks in walls where noise could seep through. When you have an Icynene treatment in your walls, floors, and ceilings, you’re protected against airborne and flanking sound (sound travels that through a building).

More Energy Efficient

Icynene saves you money and energy. As a total air barrier and insulation material, Icynene reduces the amount of material you need to install up front and allows you to enjoy long-lasting savings.

It’s obvious why Icynene is the preferred insulation: It guarantees increased energy-efficiency! With Icynene’s exclusive 31-Day Payback Formula, we can help you calculate the cost of Icynene versus traditional insulation options. This formula considers all of the variables that impact the efficiency of insulation, so a more accurate comparison can be made.

Environmental Benefits of Icynene

Icynene delivers high-performance solutions for efficient building envelopes, thermal comfort, and a healthy indoor environment – all of which are integral components of “Green” building.

100% Water Blown

Icynene doesn’t have any artificial blowing agents like HFCs, which are used in lots of other foam insulation products and have high Global Warming Potential gases.


Icynene is a Class 1 fire-rated product, all without the use of PBDEs, which can inadvertently cause health problems to residents of buildings with PBDEs.

Superior Air-Sealing Capabilities

Icynene-installed buildings enjoy a healthier indoor environment because this material creates a singular air barrier that has proven to seal out pollutants and contaminants in addition to providing top-notch insulation capabilities.

Up to 50% Energy Savings

Since Icynene creates an airtight seal as well, you enjoy a great indoor air retention rate compared to traditional insulation.

Real R-Value

Icynene maintains its efficiency and incredible performance over time without sacrificing R-value. When you have Icynene insulation installed, you’ll be able to enjoy ideal comfort for years to come knowing your insulation will retain its quality.

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