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Radiant Barrier Film

Here in Austin, TX, we’re accustomed to sweltering summer temperatures. We’re used to dealing with this scorching-hot weather outside and even indoors, so it becomes critical to provide a comfortable interior in your home.

Without the right insulation setup, energy bills will skyrocket. When summer rolls around and you can’t live without cool air in your home, you need to make sure your home is keeping out all the exterior heat. And while secure insulation will trap cool air well, there’s still a decent chance that the oppressive sun will fill your attic and other areas with radiant heat. That’s why you need a radiant barrier film!

Austin’s Premier Radiant Barrier Film Provider

Here’s where ATX Thermal Solutions, a division of LCR Contractors, LLC can help: With our tried-and-true radiant barrier film, we’ll make sure your roof reflects the strong rays of the sun all summer long. These barriers reduce the amount of heat that travels from the sun to your roof to the interior of your home. The reflective material absorbs radiant heat and drastically slows down the speed at which the heat travels into and through your home.

When used in conjunction with your insulation already in place, your home will resemble an impenetrable fortress of cool air and comfortable temperatures. And you can be sure that when you trust ATX Thermal Solutions to handle your radiant barrier film project, you’ll be getting the most reliable and speedy results.

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At ATX Thermal Solutions, we pride ourselves on quality work at affordable prices. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that you can expect attentive, personalized service when we come to work in your home. And our dedication to quality ensures that you’ll get a reliable product when you choose us to insulate your attic with radiant barrier film.

Make an investment in your long-term comfort. For more information about attic insulation or to schedule an estimate for your property, call us today!

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